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Damn those people for locking me up and throwing me into a cage.… - Steel Hearts, Iron Resolve. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
the Unfinished Party

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[Jun. 16th, 2004|06:20 pm]
the Unfinished Party


Damn those people for locking me up and throwing me into a cage. Fucking mages. I was in the middle of the killing of a lifetime! How many more chances will I get to kill a high priest. He would have looked so much better in pieces. And the money I would have if it weren't for those bastards, thats a shame. They probably thought I chickened out and decided to skip on the mission. There goes my reputation.
I'm beginning to miss my fellow assassins These beings don't seem to share the same thirst for blood shed as I. Sticking around them is influencing the way I work, all the good, all the "let's stick together guys!" is getting very annoying. I can't believe I convinced myself that entering the big one's mind is going to benefit me at all, aside from the fact that he's saved my life numberous times. And that drow...oooo that drow. Her death cost me my reward. Its all in good timing, eventually my sword will taste her sweet good-willed blood and there will be one less person...no no wait... It'll just make me feel better. Infact...the thought of some others meeting their demise makes me tingle. I don't exactly need them anymore and there are bodies just laying there rype for the picking outside of this head. NOw! What's the fasted way out of here...