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Steel Hearts, Iron Resolve.

Whispered words from the Steel Hearts campaign.

the Unfinished Party
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This is a compilation of journals from the characters in a D&D game which runs most every monday night. the players at large are;

cthonicefulgnce = Ia Ilterinooma (elf druid/shapeshifter)
expiredseraphem = Bloodbath Ripbone/He who has no name (half ogre, split persona; CE barbarian vs LG monk - currently undergoing "psychological treatment" to unify the halves...)
jargonchipmunk = ripclaw/sunsoar (pseudodragon mage)
hellwithout = Boddynock "Badger" Nackle (gnome bard/rogue)
stryker_boh = Bladeslip Darkwater(human rogue/shadowdancer)
zoe41900 = Minikins(halfling rogue/assassin)
blankcards = Corra (halfling mage/cleric- theurge)
mike = Graven Draconis (drow cleric of a healing god)

This community was created and is maintained by the GM, darker_dreams